Robin Hood – A Christmas Panto (2018)

Director’s Note

After close to a 10 year hiatus from theatre I joined SPECC-tacular Productions Theatre Group during last year’s run of The Wizard Of Oz as part of the production team, I haven’t looked back since! Joining SPECC-tacular Productions has rekindled my passion for the art of removing one’s self from the realities of daily life and immersing into the imagination of others! My love for theatre has grown with every production I am a part of and this one is close to my heart. I am a life-long fan of Disney’s 1973 version of Robin Hood!

What an amazing and talented cast, crew and dancers we have for this year’s production of Robin Hood. These folks have worked countless hours in preparation to bring you this performance. They deserve my praise, respect and gratitude for without them and their amazing abilities to come together and bring all our creativity to life, I would still be sitting on my couch with a vision and a script. Thank you, to all of you!

To the family, friends and friends we haven’t met yet, who fill our audiences and join in on the fun of Pantomime, I give a sincere Thank you! Thank you, for joining us while we take you on a journey through Sherwood Forest, the town of Nottingham and into the depths of Nottingham castle. Watch in wonder as the story of Robin Hood and his battle agains the villainous Sheriff unfolds.

Enjoy the show 🙂

Heather Hobbis